It's perfect.
It's unbelievable.
It's a miracle
It's a TV dinner.
It's Fuwjax.

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If a miracle happens in the wilderness, and no one witnesses it, does it have an impact?

Some folks chase storms, and more power to ‘em. Storms are awesome displays of natural power and most people who get up close and personal with a tornado or a hurricane don’t get a chance to talk about it. It turns out that if you get too close to a storm, you’re most likely going to get caught up in it.

Those storm chasers come away with some pretty amazing pictures of raw force and destruction. I saw a picture of lighting striking a tree once. You could almost hear the sizzle of the rain soaked wood as it literally exploded from the intensity of the strike. The picture was from a mile away.

I imagine if that picture had been just a few feet away, the strike wouldn’t have just claimed the tree, but the camera and the storm chaser too. That’s just how it works, stay a safe distance away and get a good picture. But if you try for a great picture of the change that nature can bring, you’re probably going to be changed yourself.

Miracles are kind of like storms. They’re raw displays of power that almost defy belief or explanation. And when you try to rationalize them, they lose some of their appeal. At least they seem to until you get right up next to one.

If you get too close to a miracle, it changes you. I’ve watched immature boys become proud responsible fathers within seconds of their daughters’ birth. I’ve seen women with severe self image problems suddenly find themselves beautiful the instant he popped the question. I’ve seen fear replaced by strong faith as cancer steals away a cherished family member.

I’ve seen quite a few pictures of the intense change a miracle strike can bring. I chase them. Some folks think I’m just plain crazy for getting so close to something I can’t explain. Others think I’m just plain crazy for thinking a miracle is worth chasing in the first place. I suppose storm chasers hear the same kind of things from their friends.

But I’ve been in the presence of the miraculous and it’s changed me. I can’t imagine any other life than storm chasing a miracle.

cschmidt said on 2009-09-19

I’ve been reading some of your articles and I find them amazing. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

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