It's perfect.
It's unbelievable.
It's a miracle
It's a TV dinner.
It's Fuwjax.

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As computers become more a part of our lives, it is our responsibility to understand better how they work, and what they can be asked to do for us. In short, I think people who use computers should learn how to program.

Most of us use our computers for email and chat. We have what amounts to a thousand dollar pager. These little gray boxes are terrifically useful, if only we understood what they can do.

My invitation to you today is to try Python. It is a programming language devoted to being useful and nothing more. There aren’t any philosophical issues involved with it; it doesn’t have the security sandbox mindset of Java or the antiquated syntax of C. It’s just a new language, nothing more.

Best of all, the language, interpreter, and quite a few programming tools are all free. The documentation is quite good, and the tutorial is excellent. If you’re technically minded at all, give it a shot.

I realize it’s very unlikely that you’ve heard of Python before. However, unless you’re still living in the dark ages, you use it all the time on your favorite search engine.

Fuwjax said on 2004-07-26

Disturbing? no, of course not… Offensive? definitely. (who wasn’t expecting a symantic debate?)

And is it more offensive that I was trying to be offensive? Oh I most certainly hope so.

It is the impact, or at least the impulse which breaks bones… and information has had far more of an impact than any stick, excepting perhaps a particular one on a particular hill, and it has required more impulse than any snake, excepting perhaps a particular one in a particular garden.

As for stones… You know what they say… You can’t keep a good man down… Especially a really good man… Even with a really really big stone. Really.

thirdheavenward said on 2004-07-26

I can’t rember where, but recently I heard a ‘soul brother’ sounding narrator reading: “…words like stones CAN break bones…” and I about threw up.

Which reinterprets my recollection somewhat:

“Staffs and stones may break my bones, but information can only make me nauseous.”

Since the ancient days of Egypt are long past, snakes and staffs no longer seem interchangeable; they weren’t terribly interchangeable even then. Today, snakes and information seem more interchangeable, on a semantic level at least.

Which brings me to my main comment: This title is disturbing, when placed in context with the content of your blog. Come to think of it, so was the title of your previous blog. I am curious to know if this was intentional. Can a man know what is most disturbing about himself? If he intended to be disturbing, then the intent to be disturbing would be more so, I submit.

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