It's perfect.
It's unbelievable.
It's a miracle
It's a TV dinner.
It's Fuwjax.

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Last week my mom asked for a few new children’s stories that she could illustrate. She gave me very clear yet still very broad directions. I didn’t follow them at all. Here’s the first one.

Timothy Counts to Five

“There’s a fly in my soup! What do I do?”
Asked Timmy of his mom as he stared at his stew.
“Oh Timmy, calm down. Why it’s easy to see,
That fly is no fly, Tim; it’s simply a pea.”
“A pea?! Mom, a pea? Are you telling a joke?
Does a pea swim around? Can it do the backstroke?”

“There’s a fly in my soup! Now there are two!”
Said Tim to his dad as he lifted his spoon.
“Look again, Tim, it’s a carrot that’s all”
With a flick of his wrist, Tim launched the fly at the wall.
“Really Dad, a carrot? When have you seen
A carrot that flies? They don’t even have wings!”

“There’s a fly in my soup! One, two, and three!
This is simply too much, anyone would agree.”
Tim’s brother glanced over, “Quiet. I’m trying to eat.”
Tim slammed on the table, mashing a beet.
“Fine, don’t believe me, but I’ve had quite enough.”
Painting beet on his face, “Now it’s time to get tough.”

“There’s a fly in my soup! There’s never been four!”
Tim shouted quite loudly, “I declare fly war!”
His spoon as his broadsword he lashed out at the soup.
His sister, a victim, of the flying hot goop.
“Stop, Timmy, stop! Now you’re making a mess!”
Throwing his spoon in defense, “There’s a fly on your dress!”

“There’s a fly in my soup! I surrender to five.”
Timmy started to pout. “Now they’re starting to dive.
My soup is a playground for all of these bugs.”
Timmy’s mommy bent down; she gave him a hug.
“Time for a bath Tim. Let’s hose you down maybe.”
Tim cried just a little. It’s not easy being a baby.

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