It's perfect.
It's unbelievable.
It's a miracle
It's a TV dinner.
It's Fuwjax.

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I’m in love.

Yeah, it’s crazy, I know. I can’t stand the phrase. I’ve offered up alternatives. I’ve fought for more rigorous definitions. But I have to face it…

I’m in love.

That is not to say I’m wrapped up in some squishy feeling. There are certainly plenty of feelings, some of them even squishy. And I do have a strong sense of being overwhelmed and overflowed. But the phrase is not a reference to feelings and emotions at all. They are signs of something, not the something itself. And what is this something?

You love me.

You act intentionally, demonstrating your deep concern and compassion for me. You provide for me a safe place, an inviting place, where you treasure me, you delight in me, you satisfy me. You give me tiny things, rich in meaning and substance. You surround me with good things, with pleasing things.

I’m in that.

You have given this to me, not as a retreat, but as a home. You invite me to dwell there, to reside within your love. You have surrounded me with this love, you have made its walls strong, you have made its foundation solid. You have made it a shelter and a place of comfort, of healing, of hope.

I’m in love.

And you have not left me here to enjoy it alone. You have been here all along. You have been waiting patiently for me to call this place mine. You have longed for me to take hold of the gift you have given freely. You have made this not for me, but for us. This is place is ours. This home is ours. This love is ours.

I’m in love with you.

You have invited me to participate in this love, to act and react with intention, to follow you, to walk with you, to go where I will that you may go with me. You have brought me here to commune with you, to fellowship with you, to marry you.

You’re in love with me.

You are beautiful and amazing and wonderful. You shower me with blessings. I have hurt you and you have forgiven me. I have not trusted you and yet you are faithful. I have worried more about others than about you and not once have you returned the insult. You have made me special. You have made me new. You have made me worthy. You have made me yours.

I love you.

It’s a reaction, a response, barely anything more than a reflection of all that you have shown me and given me. All I have is yours, not because it is mine to give, but because it came from you. All I am is yours, not because I am in control, but because you have given me the choice to be with you and for you and of you and near you. Every promise you have made, you have kept. Every word you have said, you have meant.

I love how you love me.

Jennifer said on 2009-04-10

I like this one. It’s really beautiful. In fact, I like it so much I think I might print it out or share it with a friend! Thanks, Fuwjax!

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