It's perfect.
It's unbelievable.
It's a miracle
It's a TV dinner.
It's Fuwjax.

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Friend: Alright, I want to know right now. Do you want to date me?

Fuwjax: No ma’am, I don’t care how much carbon-14 is in you.

Ah dating, such a horrendously stupid subject to blog over. I think you should spend time with whomever you want, whenever and however you both are willing to spend time with each other. I don’t call that dating, that’s just good ol’ fashioned friendship. Of course you should spend time with people, don’t be silly.

But in trying to stem the tide of silliness, don’t pretend you’re married until you’re engaged. This nonsense about exclusively dating someone is about as retarded as putting your pet monkey on an exclusive diet of refried beans. You’re just begging for more crap than you can handle.

I was in an anti-relationship one time. We weren’t even dating, in fact the joke started because we were never at the same gatherings. Our circle of friends had developed quite a few new couples, and we decided that as the anti-couple, if we ever came in contact with a couple, the whole group would spontaneously annihilate.

Anti-couple or not, we were exclusive, even if it was more from circumstance than choice. But one day, a few dozen eggs brought our anti-relationship to an end. We anti-broke up. And it really hurt.

Of course it’s silly. So is dating. A “commitment” you can get out of whenever you want? Sounds like we’ve got a winner for the biggest oxymoron on the books.

I’m around people because it is my mission and privilege to tell them about my God and the place he is preparing for his children. And I am personally of the opinion that “store up for yourselves treasures in heaven” is very tightly tied to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” No, I don’t think that we’re getting paid per head for conversions or anything sick like that.

You are my treasure, just as I am God’s treasure. My payment for my work is that I will be surrounded by people I love, and who know how much that love cost, at the feast waiting for us in heaven; that I won’t have to eat alone. This is more valuable than any pile of green paper, and much more wealth than I could ever deserve.

So personally, as far as I’m concerned, dating is exactly what you shouldn’t do. Exclusively spending time with one person in the hopes of having something here is rampant silliness compared to spending time with everyone you can in the hopes of having something eternal.

Does this mean I don’t support marriage? No, of course not. Marriage is a real commitment, at least in my opinion. You don’t get out of marriage just because you don’t feel like being married any more. But I know of dozens of ruined friendships from dating for every married couple I’ve known. I am personally of the opinion that if you’re in the habit of making eternal relationships, one worthy of marriage will come along sooner or later.

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